My research

Environment | Society | Change

I am deeply convinced that empirics and theory are mutually dependent on each other. With this conviction I study the realm of changing environment- society interactions. … more

My teaching

I encourage students to think and discuss, and convey that knowing is a process of doing mistakes and trying to get better whilst staying open for new insights. I strive to offer a save, joyful and yet demanding learning environment. …more

How I got here


I studied Geography, Meteorology and Soil Science in Bonn, Germany, and Cork, Ireland. My diploma thesis has the title „Analysis of rockglacier kinematics with digital photogrammetry, Turtmanntal, Valais, Switzerland„.


After stays in Leuven, Belgium, and Bonn, Germany, I earned my PhD at Vienna University with the thesis “System theory in geomorphology. Challenges, epistemological consequences and practical implications”.

Here & now

In 2011, I arrived at AAU Klagenfurt and successfully habilitated in 2016 – the title of my habilitation thesis is „Theoretical Geomorphology. An approximation“.

… more

Science Communication & Multimedia

Against the backdrop of a growing ecological and climate crisis and the corresponding socio-ecological questions it is critical to increase our knowledge of how best to communicate to the general public. … more

My views on this and that

My personal views on contemporary geographical issues – from climate crisis to sustainability and many things inbetween. … more